Why I started Demi Lune

Walk through most store aisles selling childrenswear, and you will quickly note which side is for GIRL or BOY. Girls get sparkly, pinks and purples, and sayings like “Gorgeous,” or “Sweet.” Boys will get coloring that is much more dull, like greys, browns and dark blue, but they will also get more affirmative words such as “Looking for Adventure,” or “Wild.” Girls are rewarded by how cute they look, and encouraged to make space for others, while boys get to be agents of their own story (though, they better not dress “girly” while doing it!)

Demi Lune encourages ALL children to be agents of their own story. Although young children cannot read what their clothes say, the adults who interact with them can. It’s vital that we stop restricting children’s development with the biases from our history, and allow them the space and freedom to grow up to be the wonderful people they are destined to be.

The Founder & Designer

Demi Lune Prints is a passion project of Sheyda Foroudi, and all illustrations are by her. She is a freelance textile designer and francophile, living in Brooklyn, NY. In childhood and adolescence Sheyda felt the double standards around her for girls and boys, but did not have the vocabulary to call it out properly. Her mission is to avoid this experience for future generations.